Firebase Authentication and Angular JS

Learn how to integrate Firebase authentication with Angular JS front end code. Also learn how to tie in routing to enable public and protected access - everything you will need to perform authentication and user management.

Written by 42ID on April 05 2015

Firebase is document database that provides real time update to all clients connected to it.

In addition to providing a persistence layer, Firebase also makes it easy to perform authentication against third party OAuth providers such as Google+, Facebook and Github.

In many cases, in addition to authentication, an application will also require hooks into routing, protecting private pages and a means to store user profile information.

This video illustrates:

  • Use of Firebase authentication
  • Hooking ui-router for public and authenticated access
  • Retrieve and persist user profile information within Firebase
  • Secure user profile information within Firebase

Check out the live example here and fork the code at github here

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